Most companies have a holiday tradition or two, and McConnell’s are no exception. While a box of chocolates and decorating the office tree are tried and true traditions, there are a few unique Christmas activities that occurs in McConnell’s every year.

The day started with an array of colourful (and somewhat questionable) Christmas jumpers being worn to the office, while some went full on Christmas, others took a more subtle approach with festive accessories.

We were then treated to a festive lunch in the board room, this of course included a cheese board and mince pies. After the remaining crumbs where cleared away Chairman David Miller took charge of the office raffle. The vast amount of prizes meant that nobody left empty handed.

The office day ended with the secret Santa gift exchange, before meeting again that evening to celebrate in style.

We walked into our chosen venue in Nottingham to be greeted by a giant floating elephant, stilt walkers and aerial acrobats, you know at this point that it’s going to be quite the evening. We made our way over to the bar to start the celebrations before being seated for dinner.


After a lovely three course meal, complete with Christmas crackers and a live circus performance, we headed over to the largest photo booth you’re likely to see, for a more glamorous group shot.

We were then let loose to enjoy the dance floor, casino and dodgems, at this point it’s probably best to stop writing!

McConnells hope you have had a very merry Christmas, and wish you all a very happy and successful 2017.