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WEEE Regulations and ensuring WEEE compliance

The WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) Regulations came into force in July 2007. This regulation prevents commercial, electrical and electronic waste going to landfill.

All businesses are affected by the WEEE regulations and at McConnells we understand that most redundant light fittings and tubes are classified as hazardous waste and have to be transported and disposed of in a controlled manner. To ensure both McConnells and our clients comply with the regulations we are both registered hazardous waste carriers and waste brokers.

Also, with the introduction of the pre-treatment regulations in 2007 and the SWMP’s (Site Waste Management Plans) in 2008, the need for recycling has never been greater. We recycle as much of our waste where economically feasible and work very closely with our clients and colleagues on site to ensure that, where possible, all site waste is recycled and not sent to costly landfill.

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